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Commission’s compliance policy has led to thousands of affiliate relationships being terminated because the operators could no longer be satisfied that some of the affiliates they were working with were sufficiently compliant RAiG believes that these actions have already had a major impact and it again begs the question of how much additional impact licensing would have when taken together with the existing regulations.”

They suggest that “improvements could be made by better enforcement of the current regulations and rules rather than introducing a licensing regime.” They note that the Gambling Commission has no plans to introduce a licensing regime for marketing affiliates and they add the disinterested observation that to do so would “create a huge burden on the regulator”.

It is clear from the evidence of Mr Macey and our other witnesses with lived experience that many of the contacts with gamblers who have self-excluded come from affiliates of the operators. We agree with Kenny Alexander, the CEO of GvC, who when asked whether affiliates should be licensed by the Gambling Commission, replied: “Absolutely—they should be under the same sort of controls and regulations as operators”.

If, as we believe, the licensing of affiliates is necessary, the fact that this would undoubtedly be an additional burden on the Gambling Commission, involving perhaps the creation of a new category of licence, is no reason for not doing so.



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