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Spelling Bee

Last October 16th, the most skilful students in spelling words from 5th to 8th grades participated in the 2nd version of the UnBEElievable: Spelling Bee Competition 2023. This competition encouraged students to develop their spelling skills and expand the amount of vocabulary they manage, improving as a result, their listening, speaking and writing skills. This competition also helped build children’s self-confidence and, what’s more important, they had a lot of fun doing it. The participants and winners were:

5°A: Sofía Apablaza (2nd place), Francisco Forno (3th place),

5°B: Victoria Staudt (1st place), Gustavo Bustamante (4th place)

6°A: Vicente Fernández (1st place), Emma Hernández (2nd place)

6°B: Violeta Arroyo ( 3rd place), Elisa Urrutia (4th place)

7°A: Sofía Azócar (2nd place), Lukas Krefft (4th place)

7°B: Helena Ruiz (1st place), Trine Gutierrez (3rd place)

8°A: Magdalena Farfán (1st place), Javiera Echeverría (3rd place)

8°B: Pascale Díaz (2nd place), Fernanda Grandón (4th place).



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